Terrazzo Maintenance


Once you’ve designed, purchased and installed your terrazzo floor, wall, or counter with a professional terrazzo contractor, it’s important to protect the beauty and strength of your cement or epoxy surface through regular maintenance. The care for your terrazzo is simple, but you need to maintain it in a specific way to safeguard the elegant, immaculate look. Knowing how to care for your terrazzo will keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Because every interior or exterior application is custom and unique, the first step to care for your terrazzo is knowing the type of terrazzo you have. Each finish uses a different mixture of aggregates and sealers to produce a visually appealing effect that is meant to last a long time. Applying a sealant will help to protect, clean, sustain the look and luster preventing stains. Going green with our unique Green Terrazzo can further help reduce maintenance requirements and at the same time, improve environmental impact.


  • Daily maintenance can be as simple as a quick swipe with a dry mop if your flooring is dusty or to clean up a small spill to prevent staining.
  • Polishing can be used to give back its original shine and brilliance produced by a smooth uniform floor.
  • Weekly maintenance should focus on cleaning with a low PH non abrasive cleaning product to protect and avoid damaging your terrazzo.
  • Repairing any immediate damaged areas will prolong the life and preserve your investment.

Go Green with Terrazzo

Sustainable construction is at the core of green construc­tion. Terrazzo is arguably the most durable and lowest life-cycle-cost flooring available today, making it perfect for high traffic public access buildings such as airports, hospitals, government buildings, and schools. Terrazzo floors have an outstanding record of durabil­ity and performance dating back over a thousand years.

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